Tweed River Tubing

Closed for the year! Thanks everyone for a great fun season!​​




Stockbridge, VERMONT

Top Summer Tips:


Park & Tube! We are right on the River!!!!

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If you are looking to hold an Event at our Venue please get in touch!

Footwear:We highly recommend wearing strapped sandals (you'll lose flip-flops!), water shoes, or another form of footwear that is secured to your feet (i.e. old sneakers).


Don'ts:.Please no Glass bottles or styrofoam coolers Bringing car keys, phones or valuables is a big mistake as they may be lost or ruined in the river. (we do hold car keys.. just ask!)

We do have Kayak rentals available for lakes and ponds!!!!!!

Ages: Usually under the best of conditions ages 5 and up are ok. We sometimes have to adjust up for high water. Our stretch of river is not suited for infants!

Complete Service

 Located at the junction of Route 100 and 107 in Stockbridge, VT, we offer the BEST TUBES in VERMONT, as well as the most fun stretch of river! We provide life jackets, paddles, and FREE SHUTTLE back to the start point.